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How to Associate

If you represent a wine business, you can apply to join the Venice Wine Consortium

All users of the Consortium’s Denominations – subjected to the control system related to Law 238 of 12/12/2016 – who carry out one or more production activities: viticulture and/or winemaking and/or bottling, namely individual or associated agricultural entrepreneurs, companies, whatever their legal form, cooperatives and social wineries carrying out one or more of the aforementioned production activities, can be members of the Consortium.

Admission to the Consortium is granted to all subjects participating in the production process of protected wines and must be requested by written application. Membership is acquired following the payment of the admission fee and the start-up contribution, possibly provided for new users of the Denomination, to be made within one month from the communication of the measure of the admission fee.
Recall that membership requires compliance with the Consortium Statute If you represent a winemaking entity, you can apply to join the Venice Wine Consortium by completing the following document and sending it to

Compliance with the Consortium Statute is required to join:

Download bylaws
Download the application form