DOCG Lison


Area / Characteristics

The DOCG Lison Appellation was created with the publication of the regulation of production (disciplinare) in January 2011, even if already in 1971 the Lison DOC appellation protected the Tocai di Lison. The production area is located in the Veneto plain, a few kilometers from the Venetian coast, and extends between the provinces of Pordenone, Treviso and Venice, whose borders are marked in the east by the Tagliamento river and in the west by the Livenza river.

The temperate climate is guaranteed by the proximity of the sea, the presence of lagoon areas and the flat position which favors the exposure of the vineyards to the winds of the area such as the Bora, a fresh and dry wind, and the Scirocco, a warm and humid wind. The presence of winds, mainly in the evening, favors the temperature difference between night and day, guaranteeing the production of many aromatic precursors.

The history

From the mid-nineteenth century the cultivation of the Tai vine expanded significantly, which found its ideal habitat in this area.

The soil

In the heart of the Lison DOCG appellation there are some pedoclimatic factors which facilitated the diffusion of the Tai vine: the presence of the “caranto” a typical soil in this area, and a typical microclimate have made it possible, to attribute the Classic appellation to a very small production area enclosed between the hamlets of Lison , Pradipozzo and Summaga, Belfiore, Blessaglia and Salvarolo, Carline and Loncon and part of the administrative territory of the municipalities of S. Stino di Livenza and Cinto Caomaggiore.

A curiosity

Caranto is a type of dark ocher soil with white streaks, composed of calcium carbonate, situate,d at a depth ranging from 30 to 70 cm, and more superficially by a clayey layer. Furthermore, the concentration of mineral elements such as potassium, calcium and magnesium enrich the aromatic content of the grapes, creating fine wines with a rich bouquet of structured and long-lasting olfactory notes with a typical almond finish.