Docg Lison
The area of ​the DOCG Lison wines is situated in the plain a few kilometers from the coast of Venice, between the rivers Tagliamento and Livenza, where vines have always been cultivated to guarantee the uniqueness and peculiarities of the local wines. A vast countryside dotted with ancient farmhouses, villages surrounded by medieval walls and small towns rich in Roman remains.
Here the climate is "temperate" due to the proximity of the sea, the presence of the lagoon and the plains that facilitate the exposure of the vineyards to the winds of the area. The Bora blows from the northeast, a cool, dry wind, while the Sirocco, warm and humid, typical of all periods of the year, blows frequently from the southeast. The presence of winds, mainly in the evenings, lowers the temperature at night, favoring the temperature range between night and day. The soils in the area are characterized by the presence of a thin layer of "caranto" (calcium carbonate) and a more superficial layer, mainly of clay, both of alluvial origin, thanks to the contribution of the debris from neighbors rivers. Soils that have a good capacity of water reserve. They are also characterized by the presence of high contents of mineral elements, especially potassium, calcium and magnesium and a balanced supply of organic material.
Wines produced