How to join
The Consortium may be joined by all users of the Denominations of the consortium itself - subject to the control system as per Leg. D. 61/2010 - exercising one or more production activities: viticulture and/or wine making and/or bottling, and then all individual or associated farmers, the companies, whatever their legal form, cooperatives and wineries carrying out one or more of the above production activities. Admission to the Consortium is guaranteed to all participants in the production of protected wines and must be requested by written application. The membership status is acquired after paying the admission fee and the start-up contribution, as per Law 12/22/08 no. 201, as may be provided for new users of the Denomination, to be paid within one month of notification of the decision of the admission fee.
Please, be aware that membership implies the observance of the Consortium Statute, downloadable from the "useful documents" section.
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Membership requires compliance with the Consortium By-laws
Download the statute