Once upon a time there was a forest named “Moletto”…
The Moletto story is an authentic one of man and his labor. Of passion and skill. And enthusiasm.
Where over five centuries ago there stood a forest ruled over by the “Serenissima” - The Most Supreme Republic of Venice - today there is an extraordinary winery distinguished by the fine and unique quality of its soil and the farsighted tenacity of those who have dedicated themselves to perpetuating age-old traditions while remaining abreast of state-of-the-art wine-making technologies.
It is a story of commitment to renewal and a desire to preserve deep-seated roots: the story of the winery founded in 1960 by Mario Stival on the land that led him to become a wine grower and embark upon a radical change in his life in order to pay homage to the heritage of the land. He founded what was to become the Moletto winery which takes its name from the very forest that had existed on that land since the early 16th century. Land located on the far eastern border of the province of Treviso in Motta di Livenza with its predominantly clayey-calcareous soil that provided the foundation for its century-old grape-growing tradition.

Terrains destined for wine and a millennia-old tradition of wine-making, those of the Moletto winery in Motta di Livenza and Belfiore di Pramaggiore. Land that first, thanks to the Paleovenetians (1200 BC), then the arrival of the Romans and, over the centuries the Republic of Venice, saw the growth and spread of the vineyards that represent the heritage and pride of these areas.

The holdings in Motta di Livenza
The estate in Motta di Livenza occupies an excellent position where the verdant Moletto Forest once stood on the banks of the Livenza River.
The soil is primarily clayey-calcareous with only a slight layer of humus as a “reminder” of the forest‘s presence. Some sections also have a sandy component due to the vicinity of the Livenza River.
These variations in the land can be clearly seen from the air, where noticeably lighter portions of the terrain overlap darker areas.
Studying and analyzing the nature of the soil has guided us in choosing the best areas in which to cultivate each type of grape.
Another positive feature is the presence of groundwater at a depth of two meters that allows the vines to receive water even in particularly dry seasons.
The land in Motta di Livenza is 9 meters above sea level and boasts a very advantageous geographical position with the sea (Adriatic Sea) to the southeast and mountains (Prealps and Dolomites) to the north.
It has its own microclimate that is characterized by wide temperature fluctuations, especially in the summer.
It is an area that benefits from the dry wind of the Bora from the east-northeast and cold Alpine climate.

The holdings in Belfiore
The soil in the Belfiore holdings are clayey-calcareous and very tenacious with significant amounts of caranto.
Because of the soil, grape production is limited to those for wines that are particularly full-bodied and well-structured.
And, despite the fact that the soil is especially heavy, at an altitude of 7 meters above sea level, the competition between the roots of the vines and the colloids in the soil reaches maximum levels in especially dry periods.
The Adriatic Sea is close by with its mild and very breezy climate, combined with the dry winds of the Bora from the east-northeast.

DOC and DOCG areas
The Moletto holdings are located within the provinces of Treviso and Venice, respectively in the Treviso Prosecco DOC, Piave DOC, Lison-Pramaggiore DOC and Venezia DOC production areas, and those of Piave Malanotte DOCG and Lison DOCG.
Produzione di vini Doc e Docg
Da 500.000 a 1.000.000 bottiglie all'anno

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