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Vine cultivated in Veneto and Friuli probably, according to Dalmasso, since the end of the 18th century. It was precisely this student who baptized this vine as Tocai friulano in 1933. Recent studies by the Experimental Institute for Viticulture have identified it as Sauvignonasse, an old Bordeaux vine where it has practically disappeared.

Ampelographic Characteristics

  • posture: semi-erect;
  • sprouts apex: velvety, golden-green;
  • leaf: medium-large, three-lobed, with closed lyre-shaped petiole sinus and slightly overlapping lobes; Cupped flap, with glabrous underside;
  • bunch: medium (150-200 g), truncated pyramidal, with one or two wings, medium compact;
  • berry: medium, spheroidal; inconsistent, waxy skin.

Phenological and production characteristics

It sprouts late and matures in the medium-early period. It has high vigor, high and constant production. The fertility of the buds is good, but not the basal one, therefore it requires long pruning and fairly expanded forms of cultivation. It is particularly sensitive to bunch rot, botrytis, esca disease and rachis desiccation, less to downy mildew, powdery mildew, mites and moths.