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Ancient vine of North-Eastern Italy (it was already mentioned in 1700 by Canciani), belonging to the Refosco group of which it is the best known and cultivated.

Ampelographic Characteristics

  • habit: hanging;
  • sprouts apex: cottony, whitish-yellow with pinkish hues;
  • leaf: large, rounded, three-lobed, V-shaped petiole sinus, slightly blistered edge;
  • bunch: medium (about 250 g), pyramidal, winged, medium sparse with red peduncle;
  • berry: medium, spheroidal, thick skin, quite resistant, black-blue colour.

Phenological and production characteristics

It has a medium-early budding and a medium-late ripening. The vigor is high and the production is good and constant. The fertility of the buds is good, but not in the basal buds for which it prefers long pruning and medium or expanded training methods. It has good resistance to cold, drought and chlorosis. It is sensitive to downy mildew, less to powdery mildew; it is tolerant to botrytis and bait sickness.