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Variety of ancient cultivation in France; confused for a long time with Chardonnay, it is a chimerical mutation of Pinot noir.

Ampelographic Characteristics

  • posture: semi-erect;
  • sprouts apex: cottony, whitish-green with a slightly crimson edge;
  • leaf: medium-small, rounded, three-lobed, dark green in colour; V-shaped petiole sinus with slight bullosity;
  • bunch: small, cylindrical, often with a highly developed wing, compact;
  • berry: small, spheroidal, with thin, slightly pruinose, golden-yellow skin; plain flavored pulp.

Phenological and production characteristics

Vine with early budding and ripening; the harvest can be anticipated to obtain sparkling base wines or to avoid damage from botrytis. Of medium vigor, it offers good and constant production especially in hilly soils, not very fertile or drought-prone or chlorinated. It prefers short pruning. It is not very tolerant of downy mildew, powdery mildew, bait disease, excoriosis. It has a high sensitivity to iron chlorosis, botrytis, mites, leafhoppers and moths.