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The vine originates from the Bordeaux area where, together with the Cabernets, it forms the base blend of some of the most prestigious French wines. It probably arrived in Italy in the 19th century.

Ampelographic Characteristics

  • posture: semi-erect;
  • sprouts apex: cottony, whitish-green, with crimson edges;
  • leaf: medium, three or five-lobed, with a blistered edge; broad V-shaped petiolar sinus;
  • bunch: medium (150-200 g), pyramidal, winged, more or less loose bunch;
  • berry: medium, round, blue-black, pruinose; slightly herbaceous flavored pulp.

Phenological and production characteristics

The budding is medium-early and the maturation is average. It is a vine of medium vigor, generous, with abundant and constant production thanks to a good fertility of the buds and a moderate average weight of the bunch. It prefers short pruning; with too long fruiting heads it manifests the phenomenon of blind buds. In any case, to obtain high quality productions, the amount of buds per plant must be limited. It is very sensitive to drought. It is also sensitive to downy mildew, especially of the bunch, to acid rot and to the attacks of the cochineal; moderately sensitive to botrytis, slightly to powdery mildew.