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It is originally from Burgundy. It is not known exactly when it arrived in Italy, as until 1978 (date of registration in the National Register of Varieties) it was confused with Pinot bianco, from which, however, it was distinguished by winemakers with the name of Pinot giallo (yellow Pinot). Recent molecular analyses have ascertained that it is a cross of Pinot noir with Gouais.

Ampelographic Characteristics

  • posture: erect;
  • sprouts apex: bronzed yellow, slightly hairy;
  • leaf: medium, almost entire orbicular, slightly blistered, slightly tomentose; Slightly open V-shaped petiole sinus with rib that limits the edge;
  • bunch: medium (100-170 g), pyramidal, with a hint of wing, quite compact;
  • berry: medium, golden yellow, with tender skin and juicy pulp.

Phenological and production characteristics

The budding is precocious, as is the moment of maturation. It is a vine of great environmental adaptability, good vigor and regular and abundant productivity. It is sensitive to spring frosts, flavescence dorée, botrytis, acid rot and powdery mildew; moderately sensitive to downy mildew.