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Like Merlot, Cabernet franc, Carmenère, etc., it comes from the Bordeaux area from where it was probably imported in Italy in the 1800s. De Secondat, son of Montesquieu, called it the “perfect vine”.

Ampelographic Characteristics

  • posture: semi-erect;
  • shoot apex: cottony, yellowish-white, with pinkish-vinous nuances;
  • leaf: medium, five-lobed, with characteristic five almost circular openings determined by the overlapping of the lobes; Petiolar sinus closed, with overlapping borders; arachnoid underside;
  • bunch: medium-small (150-250 g), cylindrical-pyramidal, with one wing, tendentially compact;
  • berry: medium, spheroidal, with thick, blue-black, pruinose skin; slightly herbaceous flavour.

Phenological and production characteristics

The budding is late and the maturation is medium. Of good vigor, rustic, it has an average and constant productivity, with good fertility also of the basal buds. It is not very sensitive to botrytis and downy mildew, sensitive to powdery mildew, acid rot and rachis desiccation.