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Vine originally from France, more precisely from the Gironde district. It is not known with certainty when it arrived in Italy; in Veneto the first certified Cabernet vineyards date back to 1870 on the Euganean Hills.

Ampelographic Characteristics

  • posture: semi-erect;
  • shoot apex: whitish-green with purplish-red hues at the edges;
  • leaf: of medium size, orbicular, five-lobed with a U or V-shaped petiole sinus; the margins of the flap are revolute;
  • bunch: medium (120-200 g), cylindrical-conical, medium compactness;
  • berry: medium-small, spheroidal in shape, with pruinose, thick, bluish-black skin. The herbaceous flavor is characteristic.

Phenological and production characteristics

The budding and ripening periods are medium. It is a vigorous vine with a good and constant production. It succeeds well in clayey and deep soils, in well-exposed hilly environments, on espalier training systems, preferring long pruning on rootstocks that contain its vigor. He fears the desiccation of the rachis and the lack of potassium. It has a certain sensitivity towards botrytis.